This is the first of many blog entries I have been asked by some brothers in my fellowship to begin making, in order that the Body of Christ would be edified on a daily basis. These blog entries aren’t for my own aggrandizement or glorification, but that God will be gloried in and through the members of His precious Body, and that each member of that Body might be fitly joined together and that each part of that Body would supply to each member what is needed for them to become a fully functioning and edifying member to the whole. Sound a little complicated? Well, it won’t be, as you begin to read the blogs as they are posted.

I look forward to sharing the heart of the Godhead, which Jesus Christ is the fullness of in bodily form (Colossians 2:9), and to allowing the Holy Spirit to quicken these words to the building up of your inner man, in hopes that you and I together would be built up into one new man, even the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.